All you need to know about C60 fullerenes

Fullerene C60 is alluded to as buckminsterfullerene. It looks like a football and it is truly steady. It can withstand high temperature and weight. Indeed, it is specifically receptive and it can in any case keep up its round geometry while responding with different species. There are 60 carbon molecules present in a confine like structure. This is because of the nearness of 12 pentagonal and 20 hexagonal rings. On account of its alluring properties, it finds a wide scope of modern applications. C60 fullerene has a particular solvency in various arrangements.

Synthesis of fullerenes


There are distinctive stages in which the fullerene is delivered modernly on a huge scale. The essential strategy for generation fullerene C60 is the circular segment technique. From that point, it experiences extraction and partition process. In the partition procedure, every one of the fullerene particles is isolated and henceforth, the yield is the most flawless type of fullerene. After this, there is the amalgamation of the subsidiaries which are for the most part utilized in the mechanical applications. Other than that, there are other post-preparing works like scattering and in like manner.


Synthetic Properties

The most fascinating property of fullerene is that it has diverse solvency in various arrangements. Among its substance property, hydrogenation starts things out. It shows fragrant property prompting poly-hydro-fullerenes. It additionally responds with lithium and it very well may be re-oxidized to get back fullerene once more. Synthesis of fullerenes hydrogenation is additionally particular.  It is receptive with fluorine, chlorine, bromine and in like manner. Halogenated subordinates of fullerene can be delivered under different conditions. The state of the buckyball gets smoothed on halogenating fullerene. Additionally, it very well may be oxygenated.  Also, free extreme response empowers fullerene for different restorative applications and the most essential one out of them is the concealment of tumor and considerably malignant growth. Aside from that, the cycloadditions, cyclopropanation and redox responses are likewise conceivable.



There are numerous non-therapeutic mechanical utilizations of C60 fullerene. It is utilized in the readiness of paintwork materials, gadgets industry to substitute precious stone use and for the covering to avoid rusting just as in the planning of polymeric materials. Indeed, the more prominent utilization of fullerene starting at now is in the cosmetology. In addition, it is utilized in the apparatus and car industry for covering, powder metallurgy and as ointments.