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Easy ways of getting the best wedding photos on your day.

  1. Look at each other

Please remember You are marrying each Other not the minister or the accounts. As a former church ministry I only want to assure you it is okay to confront one another. You have spent a small fortune on wedding photography, but at the vital moment all that anybody sees on your backs – speak to whoever is performing the wedding and inform them you wish to consider each other.

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  1. Do, do crazy things on the day

Please do act on the spur of the moment. Spontaneous things can work very great on wedding photos and a great photographer will lap this up.

  1. Color or Black and White?

Some will say what goes around comes around. But the truth is that black and white and color photography are extremely different. Black and white is far more atmospheric and dramatic. Take a look at samples of photography as color photographs should be either vibrant or subtle never wishy washy. Ensure you get both on your album. Ask what the mix is going to be, I typically do 70% white and black for romantic shots and 70% color for group shots. Ask the photographer they prefer and why.

  1. Do it for actual NOT mock

Beware the part-time wedding localgrapher photographer who will want to perform MOCK cake cutting and MOCK first dance so that they can get away. Do not accept MOCK anything. If your photographer is not there when you really cut the cake, then they have missed the speeches, and the meal and special moment, and the.  You need your photographer by your side all day.

  1. Would you trust your photographer?

Trust is important. You Must feel You may expect your photographer, after all they will see you made up and completely un-made. You need to feel that you can expect your photographer so when they ask you to do something or present in a specific manner, it is going to make a terrific photograph.

  1. Style and approach

A photographer cannot be all things to all people. Ask what their photographic philosophy is – reportage, traditional, journalism. Can their approach agree with yours?

  1. Listening

The first time you meet your Photographer, check if you feel they listened to you. At the end of the day you would like to open your record and find the wow factor, that occurs when the photographer gives you something of what you are expecting, with things that you were never expecting.

  1. Flexibility

Customer is King is a True expression, or in this case Queen and being flexible is crucial. I guess all wedding photographers go through the Packages point in their career, I know I did. Here my bundle, take it or leave it. 1 thing to know about your wedding is that its UNIQUE. Consequently, you will need a photographer who enjoys your uniqueness. If a photographer is not flexible to your desires ahead of your wedding day, they will be even less elastic on your day.