Bashir Dawood- The Philanthropist

Bashir Dawood from years is making educational and medical endeavors in Pakistan such that the sufferings of the people can be minimized. His vision is to provide accessible education and medical assistance to the mass. We shall be discussing SIUT which is a charitable trust and survives on Donations. Bashir Dawood is one of the biggest donators and provides major financial assistance. SIUT based in Karachi, Pakistan has created many a milestone in its name. The Medical facilities they provide are cost-free or to the minimal. Lets us further discuss the phenomenal achievements and history of SIUT;


Achievements of SIUT

  • First Cadaver Organ Transplant in Pakistan
  • Similarly, first locally harvested transplant
  • A landmark never achieved before in Pakistan- Successful Liver Transplant
  • 5500 transplants done till date- Liver, kidney, cornea
  • Country’s first clinical immunology laboratory

Bashir Dawood Transplant Operation Theatre inaugurated

Country’s First dedicated Transplant center was established and inaugurated and it was all because of the efforts and envision of Bashir Dawood. Medical and integrated facilities include;

  • The center has a 100 Bed facility
  • Transplant wards and pre-transplant unit
  • ICUs
  • Well established Donor ward
  • Radiology
  • Modern operation theatre
  • Rehabilitation center

This makes the center capable of doing all transplant activity under one roof. Donations by the man in charge made all this possible and these services can be used by the masses. The best medical specialists will take care of needy patients. Good intentions will definitely bring more donations and these works will get noticed for sure.